Bhagwan Gopinath Ji’s Havan on 27th May 2017

Baghwaan Gopinath Ji’s Havan on 27th May 2017 We are pleased to intimate our Sadhkas / Devotees that on 27-05-2017(Saturday) Bhagwan Gopinath Ji’s Havan will be performed at Bhagwan Gopinath Ji ashram at Thimmarsan halli,Hasserghatta,Bangalore North. We are inviting all the Sadhkas / Devotees to attend both the functions and have Bub lal’s blessings. Programme schedule …27-05-2017 4:00 AM : Bhagwan Gopinath Ji’s Havan. 1:30 PM: Poorna Ahuti followed by Naveed (Prasad) Kindly participate and get blessed by BubJi Jai BUB LAL ….