Bhagwan Gopinathji

About Shri Bhagwan Gopinathi Ji

Bhagwan Gopinath (3 July 1898 – 28 May 1968), born Gopinath Bhan, also called Bhagwan Gopinath Ji, was a mystic saint of early 20th century Kashmir in India.He has been called a jivanmukta (liberated soul) and his spiritual state has been described as Shambhavi avastha (state of Shiva).

He is known to have remarked that one can consider Bhagvad Gita as one's spiritual master In his teachings, he regarded the practice of "self-enquiry" (atma vichara) as highly effective in helping a seeker attain self-realization. He considered lust and ego as impediments in one's spiritual development and extolled the virtues of honesty and truthfulness.He had a marked interest for Bhagvad Gita and had kept a copy of the book close to where he would sit for his meditation right till his last day.

Once, while explaining the inter-relation of various spiritual disciplines in realising God, he said: " think of Brahman (God without a form) as a tree and if one sits on any one of its branches (various spiritual disciplines), the same goal will be reached in each case."

His devotees recognise as his teachings, are as follows:

  • One should cultivate and preserve the three virtues of righteous moral conduct, viz straightforwardness, honesty and purity in thought, word and deed.
  • Self realisation comes when one bids farewell to ones ego.
  • Lust is the biggest impediment in ones spiritual development.
  • Keen intellectual contemplation and self scrutiny help one to realise all aspects of God.
  • Serious spiritual seekers should not be afraid of taking on the road which is fraught with difficulties of self-realisation.
  • One should rise above the narrow division of religion, caste or creed and make peace with all humanity.
  • One can consider Bhagvad Gita as ones spiritual master.
  • Sincere spiritual efforts and guru’s grace lead a seeker to self-realisation.
  • A seeker must surrender onto guru’s feet with all his heart and soul.
  • One should always contribute to charity to not let greed settle in.